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Portale (CMS)

Die Wahl des richtigen Portals ist eine wichtige Entscheidung. Dabei sollte sich das CMS Ihrem Geschäftsablauf anpassen und nicht Ihr Geschäftsablauf dem CMS.

Insgesamt existieren ca.1800 Content Management Systeme auf dieser Welt.

Bei der Wahl des richtigen Portals für Ihren Geschäftsablauf und den speziellen Requirements kann ich Ihnen helfen.

Einige Open Source Portale:

AIOCP, Bcoos, BitWeaver, Clever Copy, CMS Made Simple, ContentNow, Dragonfly CMS, Drupal, e107, Easyportal, Elxis, Etomite, Exponent, ExV2, eZ Publish, Fundanemt, FuzzyLime, Geeklog, iGaming CMS, Jaws, Joomla, Jupiter, Mambo, MDPro, MODx, Netious, OneCMS, Ovidentia, Papoo, Pheap, PHP-Fusion, PHP-Nuke, phpComasy, phpwcms, phpWebSite, PLUME CMS, Postnuke, RunCMS, SilverStripe, SPIP, Tiki CMS/Groupware, toendaCMS, Typo3, Typolight, V2 CMS, Website Baker, Xaraya, XOOPS, YACS und es gibt noch einige mehr.

Einige kostenpflichtige Portale:

Aiyoota!-CMS, Ant-On!, BeeSite® HR CMS, Cabacos, Chairman, Chameleon, CONNEXUS, CMS Laurin, conrad://, contentix, ContentUpdate, contentXXL, CS CMP-Suite, CS CMS-Suite, cy:con, Daedalus, db-central, VIO.Matrix, DROW CMS, eesy | WCMS, EGOTEC, ePilot, FIRSTspirit, HPS|cms, iCES cms, iEdit Enterprise Edition, Infopark CMS Fiona, InterRed, MCMS, MFC_commerce, NOEO, Noxum Publishing Studio, omeco webcontent, open-EIS Core-System, outLINE CMS, papaya, PC-WARE Portal Solution, pirobase CMS®, Rapid Web Solutions, RedDot Content Management Server, S-Node XT Web CMS, SixCMS, step one Solution Server, tecRacer Enterprise Portal Framework & CMS, tinfeX CMS, Toolpark pc3, webEdition, WebGate Anywhere, you@web Content Manager, activeWeb, contentserver, additor, add.min, arago DocMe, Axinom Enterprise Content Management System, c-BiZZ - Web Content Management System, Cimi 3.1 Web Content Management System, cms42, CMS PostCore, CONTENS 3.0 professional, contive.PRO, CS Branding, CWSnetwork wcm.desk, d4cms - website management by objects, Day Communiqué CMS 4, eContent, EMC Documentum Compliance Manager, EMC Documentum eRoom, ENID small business, Eprise, FileNet P8, Futuna Business Server, HyBrix Xportal, HyperDoc®, Hyper.Net 2006, Hyperwave eKnowledge Suite, icoya OpenCommerce, Imixs IX Domino Workflow, Imperia, InterRed Print, inxire ECM Suite, @it, K-Infinity, Life*CDM, Livenet3.web, Magnolia Enterprise Content Management, MultiArchive, neoContentCenter .NET, open-EIS PISA,Powerslave, redcms(c) ECMS, SCHEMA ST4, ST4 DocuManager, Stellent Universal Content Management, TIMETOWEB Content Management System, Tridion R5, up2date Content Management Server, Visual Editor Cartridge für NPS, voilà Content Management, WebGate, Weblication CMS Enterprise.

Welches ist nun für Sie das beste?

Um Entscheidungssicherheit zu bekommen sind an das Content Management System viele Fragen zu stellen:

System Requirements

Application Server, Approximate Cost, Database, License, Operating System, Programming Language, Root Access, Shell Access, Web Server.


Audit Trail, Captcha, Content Approval, Email Verification, Granular Privileges, Kerberos Authentication, LDAP Authentication, Login History, NIS Authentication, NTLM Authentication, Pluggable Authentication, Problem Notification, Sandbox Yes, Session Management, SMB Authentication, SSL Compatible, SSL Logins, SSL Pages, Versioning.


Certification Program, Code Skeletons, Commercial Manuals, Commercial Support, Commercial Training, Developer Community, Online Help, Pluggable API, Professional Hosting, Professional Services, Public Forum, Public Mailing List, Test Framework, Third-Party Developers, Users Conference.

Ease of Use

Drag-N-Drop Content, Email To Discussion, Friendly URLs, Image Resizing, Macro Language, Mass Upload, Prototyping, Server Page Language, Site Setup Wizard, Spell Checker, Style Wizard, Subscriptions, Template Language, UI Levels, Undo, WYSIWYG Editor, Zip Archives.


Advertising Management, Asset Management, Clipboard, Content Scheduling, Content Staging, Inline Administration, Online Administration, Package Deployment, Sub-sites / Roots, Themes / Skins, Trash, Web Statistics, Web-based Style/Template Management, Web-based Translation Management, Workflow Engine.


Content Syndication (RSS), FTP Support, iCal, UTF-8 Support, WAI Compliant, WebDAV Support, XHTML Compliant.


CGI-mode Support, Content Reuse, Extensible User Profiles, Interface Localization, Metadata, Multi-lingual Content, Multi-lingual Content Integration, Multi-Site Deployment, URL Rewriting.


Advanced Caching, Database Replication, Load Balancing, Page Caching, Static Content Export.

Built-in Applications

Blog, Chat, Classifieds, Contact Management, Data Entry, Database Reports, Discussion / Forum, Document Management, Events Calendar, Events Management, Expense Reports, FAQ Management, File Distribution, Graphs and Charts, Groupware, Guest Book, Help Desk / Bug Reporting, HTTP Proxy, In/Out Board, Job Postings, Link Management, Mail Form, Matrix, My Page / Dashboard, Newsletter, Photo Gallery, Polls, Product Management, Project Tracking, Search Engine, Site Map, Stock Quotes, Surveys, Syndicated Content (RSS), Tests / Quizzes, Time Tracking, User Contributions, Weather, Web Services Front End, Wiki.


Affiliate Tracking, Inventory Management, Pluggable Payments, Pluggable Shipping, Pluggable Tax, Point of Sale, Shopping Cart, Subscriptions, Wish Lists.

Haben Sie alles verstanden?
Böhmische Dörfer?

Ich helfe Ihnen gern weiter.

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