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A small update in end of April 2008. I convert a NUSOAP Service to SOAP. We use it to get the www.vivastreet.com Free local classifieds Services in a Module from Philippe calls Freeads. I use Apaches mod_rewrite for the URLs and PHP 5 for the scripting.
The German Ad Service: www.vivastreet.de
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User Interface Library (YUI) Uploader and Thumbnailer
The thumbnailer function use the YUI Connection Manager, JSON Utility and YUI Event Utility & Custom Event. The uploaded and thumbed images are fast to sort and to delete with a mouse click and without reloading the whole site. All thumbs will created in a given sized frame. Function exif_imagetype in php determine the type of an image.
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Isoliertechnik - Portal
ReDesign from the Isoliertechnik - Portal / i-s-o.com in W3C valid XHTML, CSS and AJAX (Scriptaculous)
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Ajax GUI Implementation
As a freelance Developer for a german Communication Controller
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