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 Updated: 2 October, 2009 at 28:52

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Ab Initio Thermochemistry with High-Level Isodesmic Corrections: Validation of the ATOMIC Protocol for a Large Set of Compounds with First-Row Atoms (H, C, N, O, F)?
Journal of Physical Chemistry A Oct 2 2009 11:14PM GMT
Chemical Bonding in the N2 Molecule and the Role of the Quantum Mechanical Interference Effect?
Journal of Physical Chemistry A Oct 2 2009 11:14PM GMT
Aromaticity Changes along the Lowest-Triplet-State Path for C?C Bond Rotation of Annulenyl-Substituted Olefins Probed by the Electron Localization Function
Journal of Physical Chemistry A Oct 2 2009 11:14PM GMT
Huge black holes video
Discover Magazine Oct 2 2009 10:21PM GMT
Better Control Of Carbon Nanotube 'Growth' Promising For Future Electronics
Red Orbit Oct 2 2009 10:12PM GMT
Controlling the Formation of Carbon Nanotubes
Azonano Oct 2 2009 9:54PM GMT
Gravitational Corridors Act Like Space LanesSpace-Based Vaccine May Go to Human TrialsNew Device Tested for Extracting Oxygen from the MoonEngine Leak Stalls Xombie Rocket's Bid for NASA CashGoogle Lunar X Prize Teams Taking ShapeTeam Armadillo Succeeds i
Space.com Oct 2 2009 9:50PM GMT
Laser-Propelled Spaceships Could Transform TransportationSpace Station Experiment to Hunt Antimatter Galaxies
Space.com Oct 2 2009 9:49PM GMT
Laser Scans To Confirm Nero's Return: 21st Century Scan Could Reveal Rare Sculpture Of 1st Century Roman Emperor
Science Daily Oct 2 2009 9:38PM GMT
Visualizing Systemic Clearance and Cellular Level Biodistribution of Gold Nanorods by Intrinsic Two-Photon Luminescence
Langmuir Oct 2 2009 9:04PM GMT
High Density Scaffolding of Functional Polymer Brushes: Surface Initiated Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization of Active Esters
Langmuir Oct 2 2009 9:04PM GMT
Atomic Layer Deposition and Abrupt Wetting Transitions on Nonwoven Polypropylene and Woven Cotton Fabrics
Langmuir Oct 2 2009 9:04PM GMT
Carbazole Peripheral Poly(benzyl ether) Dendrimers at the Air?Water Interface: Electrochemical Cross-Linking and Electronanopatterning
Langmuir Oct 2 2009 9:03PM GMT
Designing Oscillating Cilia That Capture or Release Microscopic Particles
Langmuir Oct 2 2009 9:03PM GMT
Sony develops highly efficient wireless power transfer system based on magnetic resonance
PhysOrg.com Oct 2 2009 8:53PM GMT
Black Hole Behemoths May Be Destroying the Universe
Softpedia Oct 2 2009 8:48PM GMT
The life of physicist Paul Dirac
Physics Today Oct 2 2009 8:42PM GMT
Laser Technique Has Implications For Detecting Microbial Life...
Photonics Online Oct 2 2009 8:21PM GMT
Femtoseconds Lasers Help Formation Flying
Photonics Online Oct 2 2009 8:21PM GMT

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